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Welcome to the Independent Reviews DataBase (IRDB). This site has been set up to gather together independently written reviews of IT companies, and the services they offer. When you or your company needs to make an IT purchase it is absolutely essential that you make the right choices. It can be extremely costly and time consuming if you make a purchase and it turns out that the company was unable to meet your needs. With so many IT companies on the market today, each claiming they offer the best products and services, it is almost impossible to be able to confidently choose the right option. That is, of course, unless you have access to hundreds of real reviews written by real people who have actually used the products and services offered by these companies.

The reviews on contain valuable information about the prices, customer support, warranty, and quality of the products and services which are offered by virtually every IT company on the market today. We're also adding new reviews on a regular basis so the information you find on this site is always kept up to date. Whether you're looking to purchase web hosting, SEO services, anti-virus software or any other technical product or service, you've come to the right place. Take a moment to browse around this site and read through all the high-quality reviews written by actual customers. You won't regret it.

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HostMonster Review

Having been launched in 1996, HostMonster is among the better established web hosting companies. Based in Provo, Utah in US, HostMonster has been providing shared web hosting services from a long time, with its competitive prices continuing to lend it the advantage of being the preferred hosting partner of customers. HostMonster offers basic web hosting, dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting. An affiliate program is also managed by HostMonster, wherein anybody can join as a business partner with the company. ... read more

ThemeForest Review

With the advancement of technology and the introduction of Internet in the marketplace, there is a massive change in the ways of living and thinking of people. Thus, many of the businesses are getting transformed to online and adopting innovative tools and techniques of marketing to sustain in the market. At present it is believed that a website shows the actual reflection of your organization image. Hence, many web designers and developers have emerged into the web world. Among the ... read more

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Logoinn Review by Matt Smith

I was hesitant when ordering a new logo online, but must say working with Logoinn to help me get a great logo has been excellent. I've just started up a film business, and couldn't be happier. They were responsive, great designs with revisions to tweak, and prompt delivery. Highly recommend, the negative reviews must be competitors as it was nothing other than brilliant in all regards! AAA+ read more

Logoinn Review by Jon Cross

I needed a logo design with a quick turnaround. I submitted the project late in the day and they had designs ready for me the next morning when I got into work. I gave them feedback and again got the re-design in less than 24 hours. The whole experience was pleasant and I would definitely use them again. read more