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Avast Free Mobile Security


Avast provides free mobile security for the variety of mobile phones, including those of the Android phones. Besides providing real time antivirus protection and anti-malware protection, Avast mobile security also provides other facilities. You can turn on the 'anti-lost' option that will help you to track the location of your phone, in case it gets lost. Browse through the internet without any worry as the security program will alert you in case of any malware attack, or in case you would try to access any Phishing site. You can even keep a track on the data usage of the internet and stay within the limit of your budget.

Additional features:

Anti-theft – say good-bye to lost phones. Now you can track your lost phones and even control certain features in case they are lost. You can use the feature of 'sms command' to remotely lock your phone. Alternatively, you can track the location through the web portal. You can even turn on the option of the anti-theft mode that will send you sms or signals that informing that the SIM card has been changed.

SMS and Call filter – You can even block certain numbers from where you do not wish to receive any sms or calls.

Browser protection – The Avast will also help in preventing you from straying in to any site containing malicious program or virus. In case you tent to enter, the antivirus will block that page.

Control Browser and data activity – You can even control the activity of your mobile browser or restrict the use of daily usage of data. This will help you to stay within a stipulated budget.

Block the hackers – The antivirus will also block the hackers, in case they try to enter through any means.

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