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Website has become a necessity in the modern age. With many businesses operating online, the number of business websites has increased. As people are using the internet for information regarding products and services, the need to have a website is profound. Earlier, the process of building a website and hosting it had to be done by professionals or people with in depth knowledge about website and hosting. However, with the latest advancements in technology, the process of building and hosting a website has become a simple process. How to choose free website builder you can read below.

How to Pick a Free Website Builder

If you are looking to build yourself a website, but are not skilled to do so, the option of using a website builder is the best for you. Many website builders are available online that can be utilized to create websites. While most of them allow you to create websites free, you do get added services if you opt for paid website builders. As there are many options available to you, let us look at the few features that you need to look for while selecting a free website builder.

Features to look for in a free website builder:

Ease of Use

People opt for a free website builder as they lack the skills required for building a website. However, if the website builder is complicated and not easy to use, the purpose of using a free website builder is defeated. Opt for a website builder that has a simple layout and has detailed instructions on how to use it. The customer service of free website builders are bound to be not s good as the paid services and therefore the response time will be much greater. You will be on your own when you are creating a website using the free website builder. Hence, the ease of use has to be a major feature that you look for in the website builder.

Quality Templates

Free website builders will have templates that you can use to create your website. The amount of customization you can do in the templates will always be limited. Only a few free website builders have high quality templates that can give the feel of a professional website. The quality of the templates will directly affect the quality of the final website. Therefore, you have to be careful while selecting the website builder you are going to use for building your website, especially if it is a business website.


Most free website builders allow for a certain amount of customization. However, when compared to paid website builders, where one can customize and alter all elements in a website, the customization option provided by free website builders will be minimal. If you want to personalize your website, you will need to opt for a free website builder that offers decent customization options. The customization tools available in the free website builders will vary depending on the website builder. You will have to analyze and identify the type of customization tools your website will require and then select the website builder accordingly.

Web Hosting

Certain free website builders will have the option of hosting the website using their services. Though this may seem to be very attractive on the surface, it is important to check the amount of space that is provided by the free website builder for hosting your website. If you are planning to host a business website, the need for extra space will arise as your business improves. Check if the web hosting solution provided by the free website builder allows you to upgrade your account when needed and the amount of extra space and features available while upgrading. If the space and the features provided by the free website builder do not satisfy your future requirements, it will be best to look out for another website builder that can meet your requirements.

Prototype Website

When you plan to build a website, there will be several ideas you would want o incorporate in the design and functionality of the website. If you have picked the right free website builder, you will be able to incorporate most or all of your ideas in your website. However, it would be a wise option to test the website before you host it. If the website builder has a prototype website option, it will give you the option to test the feasibility of the website and will provide you with information regarding the efficiency of the website builder. Very few website builders will have the option of prototype website and therefore, it may not be easy to locate a free website builder that allows the option of a prototype website.

Technical Support

It is not a surprise that the technical support provided by free website builders will be less effective and prompt when compared to the paid website builders. However, some free website builders are known to provide quality technical support round the clock to its customers. Technical support is very important while building a website as there will be instances where you are not sure of how to get things done within the website builder. Some website builders will have an exhaustive FAQ and Support page that will include, test and video tutorials on how to use the website builder. Opting for such website builders will be a good option as you will not have to rely too much on the technical support to help you out in the website building process.

Other important features to consider

You must look into other features also while selecting a free website builder.

  • Decide if you want to opt for a Content management system (CMS) or a Web based website builder
  • Almost every free website builder will display ads in your website. Look into the placement of the ads diligently before you make your final decision
  • Make a list of the functionality you will require in your website and identify the cost you will have to pay for those functions
  • Hosting provided by free website builders will only give you a second level domain name. If you want to opt for a custom domain, you will have to pay for it. Therefore, do not forget to check the custom domain costs before deciding on the website builder
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