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This Wix review will be useful if you want to try Wix or you're still looking for proper website builder. Wix is a feature-rich website builder that allows users to create a website from scratch on the basis of a ready-made blank template or customize one of the attractive designs offered by Wix templates gallery. The peculiarity of the system is a drag and drop Editor that doesn't require coding, programming skills or any other additional software.

There are two types of Editor provided by Wix: Flash Editor that helps you create a catchy Flash website and HTML5 Editor that has been recently released by Wix allowing you to build a powerful HTML5 website. All the websites created by Wix are search engine friendly and can be ranked by search engines. You can enhance your Wix website with an eCommerce component, photo gallery, music player and other useful widgets and plugins; add a blog and integrate social media, add drop-down menus and much more.

Wix also provides a mobile site solution that's fully compatible with iPhones & Androids. Besides this, Wix is known for its Facebook welcomers and pages. There are two types of accounts: free and premium. Premium package offers a custom domain name, more storage and bandwidth, premium support and ability to use Google Analytics, etc. Wix affiliate program allows you to receive commission for bringing new premium users by placing some of the Wix banners and text links on your website or blogs.

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Wix Website Builder Review

Wix is a complex do-it-yourself website builder that allows users to create and customize attractive websites quickly and for free, what is not the least of the factors. Due to the intuitive and user-friendly control panel users don't even need to have any programming skills in order to add text to a website, change colors and pictures, customize the background or even add a photo gallery or a contact form.

Once you open the Wix website home page, you face with catching and alluring slogans, such as: "Experience the easiest, most powerful way to create a stunning website." Or "Create your free stunning website!" or even "Easy to customize. No coding. Google friendly." and etc. It sounds really attractive, especially if you're short of time and your budget is quite limited. But what stands behind all these catchwords and slogans? Let us step by step analyze the slightest detail and feature the Wix website builder provides.

Building a website with Wix website builder

In general, the whole process of building website with Wix consists of the following stages:

1. Choosing a ready-made design.

Wix provides a really vast collection of website templates to start with. The templates are also completely free. They can be edited and customized via Wix control panel in order to achieve more personalized look. There are two major categories: Flash Templates and HTML5 Templates. No matter what template category you choose, you can be sure that your website will be search engine friendly. Just take notice how the provider explains the search engine "friendliness" of the ready-made designs:

All Wix websites are search engine friendly with metadata. They are equipped with an HTML mirror sites what makes them visible by web crawlers, so search engines like Google and Bing can rank & index websites well.

Whether you need a business website, online store, photo portfolio or a personal website, you will find the proper design. All web templates are thematically categorized to make the search faster and more convenient. You even may choose a completely blank template to start building a website from scratch. It's really inspiring, isn't it?

As far as we can see, the Wix team lays the special emphasis on HTML5 templates development at the moment. There is more to it than meets the eye, because you know, Flash is loosing its prestige by leaps and bounds, whereas HTML5 enjoys its wide popularity. But notwithstanding this fact, all the designs meet high quality standards and feature the latest trends.

Just take a look at some of the catchy template examples.

2. Customization process.

Once you made up your mind and chose the desired design, you proceed to the Wix editing panel by clicking the Edit button (if you are not a registered user, you will be asked to register first). After that you will be taken to the Wix Express section where you will be able:

- to edit a website details such as a title and a tag line:

- to customize the design by specifying the background color and background music.

- to manage website pages. This section allows you to create new pages, rename the existing ones, to hide or delete them.

Once you are ready with the Wix Express section, you may proceed right to the Editor . The interface looks really intuitive. Even a newbie will find easily how to add text, pics, galleries, clip art, music and video, how to customize a background and upload files. Here you will be able to customize different page parts and navigation, manage widgets and even add eCommerce component and a blog.

Wix Editor Panel:

The top toolbar allows you to manage an object in whole. You may move, duplicate or delete any element of the website. The ‘Undo'/'Redo' options will make editing more convenient. You may create as many pages for your website as you wish choosing the needed page design. Pages can be duplicated, hidden or password protected. The flexible tree structure will help you easily find the necessary page. You may expand or collapse all pages for convenient management.

The control panel can work in either embedded mode or in full-screen mode. Switch on the full-screen mode for more convenient work, when the application resizes to the current resolution of the screen.

In the Settings (sections: General, Stats and Appearance) you may order your own domain name and add Google Analytics (available only for Premium users) and edit the look and feel of your website like: background color, site dimensions and viewing mode. Site Optimization section allows you to specify your website title, Meta description and keywords.

The Extras section allows you to specify some extras like a favicon for your website (available for Premium users), show or hide a preloader, add a Facebook Like button and other plugins to your site. Look at the screenshot below:

You may preview the website in the process of work with the control panel. Once you are done with the editing, save and publish your website. For this you should provide a name for your project and after that you will be given a second-level URL such as: This new personalized URL structure has been recently introduced by Wix team (the old URL looked like .

Features and Services provided by Wix

No skills & software required.

You don't need any special knowledge and programming skills while working with Wix website builder. The user's interface is mostly intuitive. The drag & drop Wix Editor, where all the creating happens, gives you the ability to visualize everything what you are producing. It allows you to directly manipulate the layout of your website, its content, upload and edit images, embed media and much more. No software required. All you need is a web browser through which you can make all necessary alterations.

Wix websites are Search engine friendly websites.

One of the most important things is that Flash websites created with Wix website builder are search engine friendly: the content is totally indexable. Behind every Wix creation there is HTML code that search engines spiders use to read your content and rank your website in search engines. Besides this, as it has already been mentioned above, you can manage your site title, Meta description and keywords from Setting in the Editor.

eCommerce component

Wix provides the ability to set up an eShop. You just need to choose any eCommerce design from Wix template gallery and customize it. Each eCommerse template is equipped with a shopping cart, checkout, PayPal buttons and many more. Currently, eCommerce feature is available on Flash templates only.

New personalized URL structure. Custom domains. Free hosting.

Wix recently introduced a new personalized URL structure. So instead of: (old URL), your website URL will now look like this: (new URL). Now the website address looks more branded than before. Instead of, your site visitors now see your username first. But that's not the only benefit. In terms of SEO, the new URL can improve your website's position on search engines, as they appreciate the personalized domain names.

If you want to customize your domain name even further, you can connect your own personal address to your Wix website. F or this you have to upgrade your account to a Premium package that includes using your own domain that should be registered first with any domain registrar company. You can find more information here to connect your domain to your Wix site.

All websites created by Wix users are hosted for free.

Ability to add a blog.

Currently, the blog feature is available on Flash templates only. Wix team will be adding it to HTML5 templates in the near future. They are working on an export tool from the Flash blog to the HTML5 blog, but keep in mind that you will probably need to do some customization and editing.

Mobile site solution

WixMobile offers a mobile site solution that's fully compatible with iPhones & Androids. Recently Wix introduced the HTML5 website builder that allows users to create HTML5 websites without coding. One of the greatest advantages of this new technology is that it can be viewed on all devices. For businesses and brands, having a mobile web presence is no longer an option. And if you want to make the most of it, you need to optimize your website for mobile use as well.

Facebook welcomers and pages

If you want to customize your Facebook Fan Page, you may take advantage of the ready-made Facebook welcomers and pages provided by Wix absolutely free of charge. The Facebook templates have all been adapted to the necessary page width and other Facebook Timeline features.

Designer Hub

If you can't find the time to design your website and need a Pro's touch, you may take advantage of the services provided by a freelance Wix Pro team. For this simply visit the Pro Directory and browse through designers' portfolios. After that get a no-commitment quote and hire a Pro who fits your style and budget.

Support center

Alongside with the documentation and help forum, Wix also provides a great Learning Center where everyone may learn how to create a website using Wix website builder. Here you will find a Video Library with a great deal of video tutorials for step-by-step help.

HTML Editor

Getting Started Guide

Premium packages

More details about Wix premium packages read here.

Affiliate program

More details about Wix affiliate program read here.


Let's sum everything up! When you sign up for a free Wix account, you can create and publish as many websites as you wish absolutely free. When you publish a free Wix site, it will automatically get its own site address (URL), for example: (new URL structure). But if you would like to connect your own domain, you will first have to upgrade your account to a Premium package that includes this feature (paid service).

But keep in mind that everything is not so smooth and easy as it may seem at first sight. Be ready for annoying pitfalls. For example, the HTML5 editor is still new and buggy and there are still many features to be introduced there. The Flash editor may have some options that aren't on HTML5. Currently, the blog feature and eCommerce are available on Flash templates only. But the team is working on it. The problem with making mobile sites on Wix is that there mobile templates are very limiting and not so beautiful in comparison to what users can do with the Editor.

But anyway, Wix is a great and convenient solution for those who would like to create an attractive website in the shortest terms and for free. The best thing about it is that Wix is a really fast-growing company that doesn't stop at what has been already accomplished. The Team is constantly improving its skills in website design and development exploring new technologies and possibilities.

Most Popular Wix User Reviews

RatingWix Review by Hisham HichamLa CiotatNovember 09, 2012

very nice website, good support, good commercial strategy, the best website builder in my opinion, flexible! i like it

RatingWix Review by Mark J2LondonJuly 14, 2012

Wix is the best builder of websites because it has the biggest collection of website templates, all templates are quality and beautiful, very easy to customize, it's the big opportunities for small business. I've never seen such number of features in other website builders. Also many features are available for Wix free version. For example, I can upload my mp3 on my website and even sell them. And it's free! Also I like that I can edit my design as I want to - and it will be hard to recognize standard Wix template after this. And at the same time everything is simple, even for me.

RatingWix Review by Rob HLimaNovember 11, 2013

Aaaah the most frustrating program I have ever had the misfortune to work with. I have been working with Wix for over 3 months now and so much time has been wasted re correcting elements which suddenly changed overnight - text, boxes etc. That was annoying BUT NOW over 50 lists I spent a long time creating + researching the information to put in the lists - have disappeared with Wix not being able to offer any kind of explanation. This happened at a time that we were showing the site to potential advertisers, you can imagine how bad it looks showing someone to pay to advertise on a site with obvious mistakes/ empty spaces.

I could go on but bottom line Wix might be just about adequate if you want to put some family photos on a website.... FOR ANY BUSINESSES FORGET IT!! Each time I log on and look at the site, I m wondering what else might have disappeared. What's the point of having a website where your content is not secure because the program is so unstable.

Latests Wix User Reviews

RatingWix Review by Marina PaulinMelbourneMay 12, 2013

Wix is as dodgy as all hell. Most honest review sites have very low ratings and opinions of it. Funny that this site has mostly only good reviews. Must be the Wix support guys posting false posts as they are not at the forums where they are supposed to be helping site owners sort all of the problems out. My site was up for one week. Usual lack of concern from Wix. Hundreds if not thousands of people have been burnt by this mob. You may notice that review sites (non wix) have wix staff running around pretending to really care, but go to their own complaint forum and there is hardly a reply to be found. My site is still active and the buggers can keep my hundred dollars, because they are just not worth speaking to. I have dedicated my site to warn others to stay away.

RatingWix Review by Birth StanleyBangkokOctober 15, 2012

I have 4 free websites on wix and I can say with confidence that wix is the best website builder of all sites that now exist. Wix editor capabilities are extremely wide, wider even comparing with paid web builders. This is understandable if you try editors of other builders and then use wix.

RatingWix Review by Peter PetrovicsSeptember 14, 2012

Their HTML5 webdesign layouts are fantastic.. I've never thought that such can be distributed for free. Earlier I ordered a website on freelance and it works fine for me for 1 year... but later all pages didn't open. Freelancer who created it didn't answer for my letters... it was disaster! I decided not to work with freelancers any more - friends advised me to try Wix... Now I regret that I did not use wix builder a year ago!

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